Kalejdoskop 2022 programme

Shorter programme of the Kalejdoskop festival.


photo: Matija Lukić

June 22, 2022

16.30 – 19.30 Dance workshops (several locations) *

20.00 Public intervention: Smell of Freedom (Ljubljana train station)

21.00 Dance performace: ÒWE, Mufutau Yusuf (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče)


June 23, 2022

16.30 – 19.30 Dance workshops (several locations) *

18.00 Circus – acrobatic – theatrical performance: EVOLUTION. (Festivalna dvorana)

20.00 Premiere of dance performance: THE MOMENT, Ana Romih (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče)


June, 24 2022

18.00 Production of the Pionirski dom and KUD Qulenium dance groups: GIBOGIB (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče)

20.00 The To Ressurrect dance performance – one musician and one dancer concert, Beno Novak (Slovensko mladinsko gledališče)





* Description of the workshops can be found here.

Festival is a part of LIBETY Creative Europe project.

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