Kalejdoskop 2022:Movement intervention: Smell of Freedom

Movement intervention: Smell of Freedom

On Ljubljana train station, young performers will prepare movement intervention.


When Nobody becomes Somebody, but in reality, it is still Nobody

Each collective sacrifices the individual... We are individuals who form a collective. Thoughts of freedom stir out imagination. This mere thought, however, makes it clear that we are prisoners of our own minds. Where is then this three-dimensional freedom which liberates psychology, body and spirit. Are these merely expression that we constantly rearrange and abuse. The enchantment of our complex thoughts will never grant us freedom. We can, however, within our confinement, sing our song and devote it to the passers-by. Let us fill the infinitely long moment with the movement of our bodies. Let us enliven the moments, which are slipping through us and disappearing, with a momentary spark of liberated purpose. Every such experience is a borrowed truth, but if we are responsible for it, it is already a step into our own consciousness, which may smell of freedom.


Project Author: Ana Romih
Consultancy by Saša Lončar
Costume design by Urška Medved
Performers: Ema Sirotić, Kiša Janković, Lara matos, Lana Kariž Meško, Uma Žnidaršič, Pika Črnič, Larisa Sinovčić, Živa Kecelj, Alja Jovan, Eva Pirnat, Filip Štepec, Mirjam Kastelic, Lucija Čermelj, Jernej Šmid, Urška Medved, Zarja Tepina

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