PANG! group on Improday


photo: Igor Sukur

At the 21st Children's Festival of Theater Dreams, we will also prepare Improday, where various groups of young people will present their improvisational creations.

This year's Improdan is taking place for the fifth year in a row, and a group of young people participating in the international cooperation project PANG - Performing Arts for the Next Generation. Instruction to fight the doomsday.

Join us in the Festival Hall on Friday, April 12 from 11 a.m. and enjoy exploring various topics related to the world we live in.


Free entry.


The PANG! group was formed within the framework of the Creative Europe project, PANG - Performing arts for the next generation. Instructions to fight the doomsday. The PANG project responds to the problems of marginalization and social inequality among young people in the European Union by involving them in the process of artistic creation in the field of performing arts. The goal is to overcome geographical boundaries and the sense of isolation caused by the pandemic.



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