Gledališki festival: 21. Children's Festival of Theatre Dreams

The Children's Festival of Theatre Dreams will take us on a journey through theatrical performances of primary school theatre and impro groups.

03.04.2024 - 14.04.2024


3rd – 5th April and 8th - 11th April 2024 – Days of theatre performances
12th April 2024 – Impro day
14th April 2024 – Closing event


The festival supports the cultural and artistic expression of children and young adults, and their creation process. It emphasises the significance and the power of peers performing for peers, while creating a community of culturally aware, active and connected youth. The young get the experience of performing on a professional stage, the opportunity to make their stories visible, the opportunity to present themselves to their peers and to fulfil their theatre dreams.


The festival also allows for mentors of theatre and impro groups to interact with other mentors, to exchange their methods and ways of working, to gain an insight into other mentor’s work, to get valuable expert advice from jury members and to cultivate new ideas.

Since the festival offers many opportunities for your theatre group, we kindly invite you to join us at the 21st Children's festival of theatre dreams, which will take place in Ljubljana Festival Hall, between 3rd and 12th April, 2024.


Applications are now open until the 23rd February, 2024. Send your applications at



Conditions to take part in Theatre Performance Days:

all performers must be primary school pupils,
the performance must be 40 minutes long or less,
the participation fee is 100 €, which includes a light meal for all the performers,
fill out the application form to sign up your theatre performance for the festival: 21_OFGS.doc


Conditions to take part in Impro Day:

all performers must be primary school pupils,
the impro performance must be 15 minutes long or less,
fill out the application form to sign up your group: Impro dan.doc



We are proud and delighted to be part of our mutual theatrical story and thank you for dreaming with us!


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