International film festival : International Film Festival for Children and Youth ZOOM.16

Clapperboard for best children's film ZOOM.16


author: Sara Abedi

producer: Mohammadhossin Abedi


Jury's verdict:

The author of the movie, together with her father, tackles in a cute and playful way the problem of snoring, which they seem to be successfully “solve” through the film. The film offers the viewer a girl’s witty and unique exploration of the art of filmmaking, and the girl’s father is both her subject, as well as her mentor. The film thus very naturally combines two layers of narrative: the action and the background – its documentation.

Encouraging the creativity of girls is especially commendable, when we take into account the fact that the film comes from a country which is nowadays characterized by protests against the discrimination of women and the violence against them.

We award the film Snoring for its excellent, comprehensive and, last but not least, honest and comical approach to a seemingly mundane subject.

Clapperboard for best youth film ZOOM.16

film: The Hole
author: Piotr Kaźmierczak


Jury's verdict:

A simple but extremely effective animated film that uses the materiality of its medium as the central element of its narrative. This is not merely a cinematic experiment, but rather something that is extremely poetic. The film, with its extraordinary sound atmosphere, transports the viewer into the world of loneliness and loss, which the author convincingly presents by making use of the collage technique. We award the film The Hole for its courage in exploring a minimalist approach to imagination.

Link to the film

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