FOREIGN LANGUAGES FOR COMPANIES: Foreign languages for companies - spanish

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Year-long courses
18 +

Good general language knowledge enables us to express ourselves appropriately in a foreign language and to understand the speaker well and correctly. This undoubtedly creates good and genuine interpersonal relationships in everyday situations, at work and with customers.

To achieve this, we must acquire all four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Furthermore, in the business world, we are undoubtedly more successful if we add some business vocabulary to our already previously well-acquired general knowledge of a foreign language.

An essential part of our courses includes training in communication skills that you need for everyday communication and to work successfully. At the same time, we will also consolidate important grammatical structures using examples from everyday language use, which will help you use language effectively. Pionirski dom also offers a safe and pleasant learning environment where we encourage course participants to practice the foreign language with confidence.

We will adapt the language courses to each group and, upon the participants' request, include preparation for an international exam.


Pionirski dom is an official exam centre for the Cambridge English international exams. More about international exams


Pionirski dom is an official exam centre for DELE international exams by Instituto Cervantes. More about international exams


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For more information please contact or phone 031 503 879 (Karmen Feher Malačič). 



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