Theatrical-movement performance: IN SEARCH OF...

The performance will take place in Festivalna hall on Saturday, June 10, at 8 PM. Free entrance.


photo: Ana Romih, Igor Sukur

Theatrical-movement performance: IN SEARCH OF...


The intricate labyrinths of our lives at different levels - intimate, communal, social reflect the times we live in and open up more questions than answers - what do we want less of and what do we want more of? What to do with the feeling that the world is coming to an end? Where to find ideas for choosing new directions? How to gather the courage for different paths, for activation, for overcoming the fears that paralyze us? What is really important to us and what should be, what are we looking for?


Creators: Naja Milivojevič, Neža Staroveški, Maša Macedoni, Lina Berlec, Erin Bregar Sabolič, Taja Vodeb Verk, Marko Engelman, Tara Jenko Bogdanič, Adrian Grošelj, Klemen Filip Cof, Djuna Greta Vidrih, Aljana Marolt, Natan Pajić, Živa Kecelj , Lana Kariž Meško, Ema Sirotić, Pika Črnič, Darma Presiček, Lara Matos

Mentors: Ana Romih, Urša Strehar Benčina

Playwright: Taja Lesjak Šilak

Music: Janez Sagadin, Mišel Kosi

Light design: Simon Bezek

Production: Pionirski dom - Center za kulturo mladih, KUD Qulenium Ljubljana



Creative diary which was created during the process of performance preparation

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