I am hope

Erasmus+ project of a small partnership, which aims to strengthen the cultural and artistic competences of young people, their mentors and institutions, and which will enable young people to have two youth exchanges, joint training of mentors and familiarization with the work of both institutions

I AM HOPE Project - KA210-YOU-F6254728

Project duration: 1/5/2022 – 1/3/2024
Project coordinator: Kulttuurikeskus PiiPoo Tampere Finland
Partners in the project: Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture, Slovenia

The small partnership project in the field of youth of the Erasmus+ program brings together two partners from Finland and Slovenia: the cultural organization PiiPoo from Finland and Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture from Slovenia, which combine cultural and educational content and work regularly with young people. The partner organizations will exchange good practices of cultural education and organize workshops for young people with an emphasis on the inclusion of young people from different social and geographical backgrounds. Young people will be creating on the theme "I am hope" and will, under the guidance of mentors, explore how to cultivate hope and share it in times when more and more gloomy predictions and hardships are looming over the world. During the project, two youth exchanges will take place, a visit by representatives of Pionirski dom organized by Piipoo in order to familiarize themselves with the work, and online material that will be used to work with young people on the topic of socially engaged content with and through the arts.




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