Erasmus+ project of cooperation partnerships in adult education, which aims to strengthen the knowledge about non-formal learning of students of pedagogy, youth workers and educators in order to connect artistic activities, formal education and different civic and social topics.

photo: Igor Sukur


ELPIS: Artistic expression, performance and social innovation: the role of the educator for the accessibility of the arts - KA220-ADU-C50C62B2
Duration of the project: 1. 9. 2022 - 24. 8. 2024
Project coordinator: Idrisi cultura e sviluppo Palermo, Italy
Project partners: The Rijeka Youth Theatre, Croatia
Liceo ginnasio di stato Francesco Scaduto Bagheria, Italy
Pionirski dom - Center za kulturo mladih Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project of cooperation partnership in adult education brings together different partners from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia that are joined by connecting artistic and creative activities with educational sector. During the project diiferent partners will develop and execute a variety of independent, but complementary activities that will consist of preparation of performances, e-manuals for inclusion of non-formal creative activities in formal educational processes and addressing different topics such as historical memory, borders and boundaries, inclusion, respect and diversity in different ways and with different artistic and creative approaches.


Videos made on ELPIS workshops






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