International film festival

ZOOM Film School has ended!

5-days filmmaking workshop for youngsters.

The courtyard and the halls of Pionirski dom were very lively these last days of summer holidays. 5-days filmmaking workshop has started, in which participants, aged 12 to 17 were getting to know the entire process of film production from the basic idea to the final film. Under the mentorship of young filmmakers from Slovenia they formed an idea and a shooting plan for their short film, learned about different film professions (director, actor, film editor, set designer, costume designer), participated in editing process etc.

The first day the participants and the mentors got to know one another. After that they moved on to the first step of every successful film story – an idea! Participants, divided into two groups by age, formed their idea and began writing a screenplay for their short film. Ana Trebše (director, screenwriter),Urša Majcen (screenwriter) and other mentors were guiding them through the process.

On the second day, the participants got acquainted with different film professions and chose their roles. Later the preparations took place: location scouting, storyboard and testi shooting was mentored by Martin Draksler (director), Gašper Markun (actor, film pedagogue) and Daša Bezjak (film editor), while Lara Vouk (actress) mentored the young actors.

On the third day the shooting has started. Take one!

On the fourth day, the two teams took over the corridors, the classrooms and the halls of the Pionirski dom. The cameramen were in charge of the recording equipment, the producers made sure they had permits to use the premises, the actors dressed accordingly to the instructions of the costume designer, while the mentors helped with usefull suggestions and advice.

Photographer: Črt Piksi

On the fifth - last day of the workshop, there was still some time left for filming. After that the participants could gather in the Mala dvorana (Small Hall) of Pionirski dom to observe the work of the film editor Daša Bezjak. Their short films will be premiered at the 15. international film festival for children and youth ZOOM, which will take place in September 2021 at Pionirski dom.


The workshop is a part of Liberty project.

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