Theatre performance: Lena and Lenart

Lena and Lenart - mini concert with some good ones



Lena and Lenart - mini concert with some good ones


Directed by: Igor Bračič

Music and lyrics: Igor Bračič and Teja Bitenc

Starring: Teja Bitenc and Juš Milčinski

Costume design: Incognito Design

Technical coordinator: Mark Kovačič

Produced by: Pionirski dom – Centre for Youth Culture


Why is the bicycle the best mode of transport? Why does the tooth fairy only come at night? Why must boys sit next to girls? Why do we need to know our ABCs? Why do we have to go to bed at night and most importantly, what does a six-and-a-half-year old girl have to sing the blues about? Lena and Lenart, a cabaret show for the whole family, will try to answer all of those questions. It is meant for children and adults who realise how complicated life can be from the very start. In just short of an hour, we meet Lena and Lenart, sister and brother, each with their own questions, problems and solutions, which they take turns in revealing in the form of intriguing ponderings, interactions with the audience and songs from a wide palette of genres, from blues, rap, country, punk and more. Not every single one of those questions will get answered, but having good fun while trying to figure them out is what really matters.


Length: 40 minutes

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